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News: Ishtar Dance group steesl the hearts of Assyrians in Northern Iraq with its performances

Ishtar Dance group in Northern Iraq Credit: Madelin.jpg

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Ishtar Dance Group, hailing from Moscow, Russia, recently made a trip to Erbil by invitation from the Syriac Arts and Cultural Foundation. The group, consisting of fourteen dancers and two managers, participated in the Assyrian festivals of Assyrian New Year.

The founder and manager of the group, Madelin Ishoieva, is an Assyrian singer from Moscow. She started the group with a vision to promote Assyrian culture through dance. Ishtar Dance Group has become renowned in Assyrian communities in Moscow and worldwide.

The group's performances in Erbil were met with great enthusiasm and appreciation from the audience. They showcased traditional Assyrian dances in an art show on stage.

The Syriac Arts and Cultural Foundation's invitation to Ishtar Dance Group highlights the growing interest and appreciation for Assyrian culture worldwide. It also showcases the power of dance as a means of cultural exchange and communication.

Ishtar Dance Group's journey to Erbil was successful, leaving a lasting impact on both the group members and the local community. It is a testament to the importance of cultural exchange and the role of the arts in promoting understanding and unity among diverse communities.

Ishtar Dancers Credit: Madeline.jpg

Madeline singing in the festival Credit: Madeline.jog

Ishtar group Dancers Credit: Madeline.jpg

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