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News: Assyrian Aid Society helping people affected by the devastating earthquake

Mr Younan Lazar president of Assyrian Aid Society-Iraq Credit: naseem.jpg

Ishtartv.com - SBS

By Ninos Emmauel, 18 March 2023


Many affected families in northern Iraq by the Turkiye earthquake have received much-needed funds from Assyrian organisations‏.‏


The effect of the earthquake that hit Turkiye and Syria last month, reached as far as northern Ira‏.‏

SBS correspondent Naseem Sadiq from Duhok filed a report describing the fear and concern of the people of Duhok as they woke up with their buildings shaking‏.‏

Everyone ran to leave their buildings and stayed in the street, in fear of the collapse of the buildings‏.‏

One of those affected was Mr Sabri Eysa and his family, Assyrian refugees from Syria, who fled Syria in 2018 because of the war and have been living in Duhok since‏.‏

Mr Ishaya ses that he, his wife and two children have been renting the unit with the help of some known friends from Germany‏.‏

Now after leaving it, he has nowhere to go and they have to endure the harshness of winter and sleep in the open.

The SBS Assyrian report echoed in the community in northern Iraq and people started raising questions about why the Assyrian churches or organisations were not helping this refugee family‏.‏

Luckily, the people's cry found the listening ears of the Assyrian Aid Society-Iraq, who contacted the family and offered them a temporary place to live in‏.‏

Mr Younan Lazar is the president of the Assyrian Aid Society, ses, “your report was so touchy and informative and described the sad situation of Mr Eysa and his family, which made us move quickly and try to find a place for them," Mr Lazar said‏.‏

Mr Lazar confirmed there are a few Assyrian refugee families from Syria currently living in Duhok; They have been renting with the help of friends and families from overseas‏.‏

Mr Lazar said most of those people are unable to work, can't speak Kurdish, and have been facing many difficulties‏.‏

The Assyrian Aid Society has branches in the USA, Australia and Canada‏.‏

The US branch quickly organised a US$250 for each family to pay for their rent. The president of the Iraq branch said‏.‏

Naseem Sadiq among members of AAS-Iraq at their centre Credit: Naseem.jpg

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