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News: The Assyrian Women Union held its annual exhibition for Assyrian housewives to showcase their homemade food and clothing products

Bahija Nisho, President of Assyrian Women Union Credit: Naseem.jpg

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By Ninos Emmanuel,13 December 2022


Nassem Sadiq attended the exhibition and spoke to the President of the Assyrian Women Union Mrs Bahija Nisho.

Mrs Nisho said the aim of this event is to get the housewives to come and display their products that are made at home, hoping that their products, whether that are food or textile and clothing and other house products.

Mrs Haji said the women hope their product will receive the people's liking and hopefully that will enable them to start up their own business.

Shamiran Toma, In charge of the Duhok branch of AWU Credit: Naseem.jpg

Some of the food and clothes display at the exhibition Credit: Naseem.jpg

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