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News: Assyrian scientists from Sydney in the top 200 scientist list in the world- Part One

Prof: Albert Zomaya and Dr Rami Khoshaba Credit: Ninos Emmanuel

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Two Assyrians in Sydney named in the list of Best Scientists in the World for 2022. Only two percent of the world's scientists are included in this list, published by Stanford University.


Oliver Slewa met with Dr Rami Khoshaba and Professor Albert Zomaya, who have been listed as the most referenced scientists in 2022. An extensive data research published by Stanford University, on the Elsevier BV database, outlines the world's most referenced scientists. Only two percent of the world's scientists are listed and named in this publication, including the top 100,000 scientists in the world.

The database collates information from various sources.The Elsevier BV report published by Stanford University, outlines a report of work from 2021 of the most-cited scientists, published 2022. Dr Rami and Professor Albert also made the top list for 2020 and 2021.

We learn about the amazing work which has brought both Professor Albert and Dr Rami to this accomplishment, along with the many various accomplishments they have achieved in the past.

Professor Albert is an academic in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sydney and currently supervises PhD computing science students and has been an academic at the University since 2002. Professor Albert was recently Elected Fellow, Australian Academy of Science for 2022.

Dr Rami Khoshaba's extensive experience in the field of electrical engineering and computer science includes the use of technology to support people with mobility needs, with the use of the brain's signals for movement of robotic arms, this study is known as Myoelectric Control. He currently works for the NSW Government.

Both Dr Rami and Professor Albert have actively published reports in journals and articles, partnering up with other scientists in various fields to achieve great outcomes in computer science and technology.

Dr Rami and Professor Albert welcome aspiring students in Australia and abroad to reach out to them about commencing in the field of computer science.


ishtartv congratulates Dr Rami and Professor Albert on this achievement.


Professor Albert Zomaya profile: https://www.sydney.edu.au/engineering/about/our-people/academic-staff/albert-zomaya.html#collapseprofileawards


Dr Rami Khoshaba profile: https://www.rami-khushaba.com/



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