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News: Cr Joseph Haweil re-elected as Mayor of the City of Hume in Australia

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Cr Joseph Haweil re-elected as Mayor of the City of Hume in Australia, and he announced:

At the first meeting of the new Council term earlier today, my fellow Hume City councillors elected me as Mayor of the City for the next year. I'll be joined in the Council leadership by Cr Jack Medcraft as Deputy Mayor.

This is a tremendous honour for which I am most grateful.

It was an immense privilege to be re-elected to a second term on Council and an even greater privilege to now be able to do so as Mayor.

Thank you to all those who have already reached out with kind words and congratulations which mean the world to my family and I.

I will serve the Council and community with passion and dedication and work hard to deliver for the good people of Hume.


As Ishtar TV we Congratulate Cr Joseph Haweil for this high position, and we wish him success in serving our community and the Australian people.


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