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Starring Beneil Dariush, Achour Esho, Sargon Saadi, Steve Oshana & Nuri Kino with A Demand For Action.

Concept by: Dennis Joseph and Rachel Sarah Thomas
Directed by: Dennis Joseph

"Cuneiform Graffiti"
Written and Performed by Rachel Sarah Thomas and Diana Younan Odisho
Composed & Arranged by Rachel Sarah Thomas
Produced & Mixed by Yoo Soo Kim @ Old Fire Studios

Mastered by Stephen Wunderlich @ Justified Noise

Robert Carillo - Cello, Flute
Albert Wildeman - Bass
Brooke Tollhurst-Mirza - Violin
Yoo Soo Kim - Viola
Rachel Sarah Thomas - Piano and Vocals
Diana Odisho - Spoken Word

Carefully carved on our cities
Cuneiform Grafitti
Captured in this hell of borders
Promised home between the waters

Tethered to the dying ancients
We have their names
They have our faces
Rebellistic, warm like LOVE
Fall to ash now with our blood.

Call the warriors from their taverns
Sons and daughters of the scattered.
I am I - the old Assyrian
I have come to save my children.

I have come to save my children.

We are not extinct
No we are not defeated
We may be dispersed
But we are standing here united
There's no time
For rehearsal
It's good vs. evil
Turning a blind eye
Inaction, indifference
This is the pure murder
of innocents!
Oh, Assyrians of Assyria!
We are indigenous to her
She is ingrained in us
But Greed has divided her
Disrupted and misguided her
ASSYRIA has reached
A vanishing point
The tipping point
The point of no return

They’ve taken her Garden
They've taken her Eden

She's sold to the devil
In a slave trade
Never to be seen again-
She's sold
To the devil
In a slave trade
Never to be seen again
And made to wear black
Like she's mourning but it's night
And on this night
And by tomorrow morning
Although our blood spills
It refills countless bodies,
Living Assyrians.

Break the stones
My enemy because
From the past
And unseen places
My ARTERIES are the Tigris
My VEINS are Euphrates
My AmIraqAn Ink
Has left stains
On these pages
My Assyrian skin
Reads archaic Aramaic
I am NEVER afraid to say it
Proud In any place
For the ones who have lived,
Misplaced and the ones
Who have tried to
WE are still here
And we are
Directly traceable,
Let us unearth this empire
Be the kings and queens
We were meant to be
I am, I am

Monumental architecture;
I am in it's mark and measure.
I am in the mountain song.
I have been with you so long.

Lift my name up! Young and tattered
Sons and daughters of the scattered.
I am I - the old Assyrian.
I have come to save my children.

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