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Sports: Two Assyrian players to tryout for the Iraqi National Team

Chicago - Assyrian amatuor football players David Dawood (from Shlama FC) and Steve Saad Younus (formerly of Assyrian FC) will tryout for the Iraqi National U23 squad this month, which is currently getting ready for 2013 U23 WORLD CUP Qualifying matches.

Shlama FC and Assyrian FC are 2 of 4 Assyrian teams (Nishra D'atour FC and FC Lamassu) that compete in the Chicago Football Amateur League. 

Between the 1950s and until the early 1990s, the Iraqi National Football Team was known to have many Assyrian players in the team such as Ammo Baba, Youra Eshaya, and Basil Gorgis, with the latter playing in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. 

The last known Assyrian to play for the national team was Akram Ammanuel in the early 1990s. 

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