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Wadih El Safi sings in Western Assyrian

Wadih El Safi is a Maronite Lebanese singer songwriter, and actor. He is a Lebanese cultural icon, and is often called the "Voice of Lebanon".

El Safi began composing and performing songs at an early age. His music drew upon his rural upbringing and love of traditional melodies, blended with an urban sound, and creating a new style of modernized Lebanese folk music.

El Safi toured the world, singing in many languages, including Arabic, Assyrian, French, Portuguese and Italian.

In the spring of 1973 El Safi recorded and released a vinyl single with the songs "Grishlah Idi" and "Iman Ya Zawna", both in Assyrian.

The music arrangements were done by
Nuri Iskandar and the songs were produced especially for the Assyrian UNESCO Festival, which occurred in Beirut at that time where El Safi participated as a singer.

El Safi has written over 3000 songs, and here are few of them in the Western Assyrian dialect:

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