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News: The electoral program of the CSAPC list (302)

 Ishtar TV.com  /Translation: Atour Michael 

The Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Popular Council list number ( 302 ) will participate in the coming elections of the Iraqi Parliament, where it proved to be the best to represent the rights of our people, and foremost of which is the development of the province in the Nineveh Plain and the autonomy in Kurdistan. The idea of ​​the development of the province was the initiative of the Popular Council at the first meeting of the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Political Organizations Assembly, and which was approved by the POA after voting. The PC has had a prominent role in the installation of autonomy for our people in the draft Constitution of the Kurdistan Region, and since its foundation had an effective role in stopping the schemes aimed to create a demographic change in our people areas, it even managed to get the decision from the Federal Supreme Court on the interpretation of the constitutional article numbered (23 - Third / b) and to follow-up on its application, it also has had a leading role in raising a portion of the encroachments on our people’s villages and lands in Kurdistan, and seeks to continue to raise the rest of the encroachments to return all stolen lands to their rightful owners, as well as working on the compensation of the agricultural lands’ owners which were exploited by the federal governments of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region in investment and public projects. The Council is trying hard to activate the role of our CSA (the Soraya) in the Iraqi political decision and in the Kurdistan Region, especially that our people have suffered -and still- from marginalization and political persecution in their homeland.
       The Popular Council list includes a number of our people who are determined to work and to devote their time to achieve the goals and to embody the aspirations, that will elevate our people and the rest of the components of the Iraqi people, and according to the following paragraphs of its electoral program: -

1 . Work on the consolidation of democracy, public freedoms and human rights, and to promote the principles of brotherhood, tolerance and co-existence between all the Iraqi components, and to reject any ethnic or religious or sectarian discrimination, and to fight against terrorism in all its forms, as well as fighting the administrative and financial corruption and seeking to establish the principle of the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary.
2 . Work to complete the procedures necessary for the development of the province in Nineveh Plain, so as to be formally approved in the Iraqi Council of Ministers and to be voted on in the Iraqi Council of Representatives.
3 . Work to restore the autonomy as a right for our Chaldean Syriac Assyrian people in the Kurdistan Region, after the activation of Article 35 of the draft Constitution of the Region.
4 . Work on installing the national unity of our people in the Iraqi Constitution.
5 . Work on the full representation of our people in the legislative, executive and judicial institutions of the state.
6 . Work to maintain the privacy of all cities and towns where our people represent the majority of the population, and not to change them demographically, by the application of the Federal Supreme Court interpretation of the constitutional article number (23 - Third / b ), which by applying will reduce these attempts and maintain the privacy of our people in their regions., especially in the Nineveh Plain, and demanding the return of all the stolen lands to their rightful owners, whether before or after 2003.
7 . Work to urge the local government in the province of Nineveh to complete the implementation of the Council of Ministers’ decision on the establishment of administrative units and municipality directorates and the municipal departments in the Nineveh Plain.
8 . Claim to continue the positive steps initiated by the Kurdistan Regional Government to raise all kinds of abuses taking place on some of our people villages and towns, within the areas belonging to the Kurdistan Region, and to compensate the victims of these abuses.
9 . Work on returning the rights of the peasants of our people in the lands seized for the purposes of investment projects, whether before or after the fall of the former regime, and to compensate them, as well as fair compensating all the peasants in the whole of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.
10 . Work on removing the injustice on the Christian component as a result of the application of some of the Personal Status Law materials, and to work to legislate the personal status law for Christians.
11 . Continue to support the security escorts charged to protect the citizens and their property in our people areas, and seek to grant them material and moral support.
12 . Work to uncover all the facts related to the crimes committed against our Chaldean Syriac Assyrian people and the other religious minorities in Nineveh, Baghdad and the other Iraqi provinces, and to bring the perpetrators to justice, so as to be punished.
13 . The Popular Council List estimate our people martyrs, the righteous; and is proud to immortalize their memory and will work to secure their material and moral rights and privileges, as well as taking care of the victims of the infamous Anfal operations, the wars and the terrorism acts, before and after the fall of the former regime .
14 . Work to make the (1st ) of April the Assyrian Babylonian New Year's Day ( Akito ), and the ( 25th  ) of December the birth of Jesus Christ, as an official holidays for all Iraqis.
15 . We seek to return all those displaced and migrated of our people to their home areas of origin in the provinces of Iraq, and to compensate them financially and morally for their suffer and damages, and to work to eliminate the phenomenon of immigration, and to seek to implement a comprehensive program for the return of the expatriates and the scientific competence to Iraq.
16 . We seek to develop Syriac language departments in most of the colleges and universities in Iraq, as we seek to continue to support and develop the Syriac education and its educational curricula, according to scientific sophisticated bases, which take into account the consolidation of the spirit of brotherhood, the acceptance of the other and the peaceful coexisting concepts.
17 . To work to honor our national symbols through the establishment of memorials and the naming of a number of streets and squares in our people areas after them.
18 . Work to internationalize the issue of displacing our people and destroying their villages, so as to be acknowledged as a displacement process and a (genocide).

19 . Care about worship places such as churches and monasteries, especially the historical ones, so as to preserve their archaeological value.

20 . Care about the archaeological areas that symbolize our civilization and ancient history, by revitalizing and preserving them, and to make them a global tourism destination, also to work to retrieve all the artifacts stolen from Iraqi museums.
21 . Promote tourism and the revival of tourism projects in our people’s areas, especially the villages and the towns which are characterized by its beautiful scenery, as well as in all the tourist areas in the whole of Iraq.
22 . Care about the students and the youth of our people, and work to ensure that they enjoy full rights and freedoms.
23 . The PC List works to ensure the rights of the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian women in the whole of Iraq, and the rejection of all forms of discrimination against them, and to work on her equality with men in all fields.
24 . To care about children and provide health care for them, to open more nurseries and kindergartens, and to care for the orphans and people with special needs, the widows, and to care about the elderly and provide a decent life for them by establishing special institutions for them.
25 . We seek more attention to our national institutions and to develop the efficiency of sports clubs, forums, social centers and cultural associations, and to upgrade them to better levels.
26 . Support the development of the Iraqi Army capabilities and to strengthen its role in defending the country from any external aggression, also to work on the actual participation of our people in the Iraqi Army and security forces and the police.
27 . Support the abolition of party quotas in the government’s institutions and departments, and not to allow for parties and large blocs of exploiting and monopolizing these departments and institutions to serve their interests and private gains, or to take advantage of people with scientific qualifications to manage these institutions.
28 . We care about the agriculture sector and to adopt legislation on the protection of domestic agricultural production and development.
29 . Working for the advancement of industry and industrial projects, encouraging the trend towards investment projects, and pursuing to establish factories and production projects in our people areas, to address the crisis of unemployment and provide jobs for the unemployed.
30 . We seek to adopt the Social Security System to secure a decent life for every citizen, and to launch the appointments for the graduates and others in the state institutions, also work to raise the standard of living for the citizens with limited income.
31 . We support and are working to develop a comprehensive program in each province to protect and preserve the environment from pollution, as well as working to solve the electricity crisis in the whole of Iraq once and for good by building new electric power stations, and building a network of natural gas throughout Iraq , as long as this basic material is available for energy, also to work on finding alternative sources of energy, and to care about the highways to reduce traffic accidents by opening new highways.

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