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2012-04-15 11:13:57 Views : 565 |

News: MP Khalis Esho and other personalities visit the PC in Dohuk

The MP Khalis Esho, member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives for the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian PC list, accompanied by Mr. Sabah Rafo member of the PC, Mr. Na'amet Yoshu’a Al-Shabbi Chairman of the Dignitaries Council of Karamles, Mr. Yoseph Yacob, a member of Bartella sub-district council, Mr. Shaker Benjamin chairman of Karamles escorts coordination committee, visited the headquarters of the Popular Council in Dohuk to offer congratulations on the occasions of Easter and Akito.
The delegation was received by Mr. Fahmi Yousef Mansour, chairman of the Popular Council, Mr. Shams Al-Deen Gewargis, vice chairman and the Messrs. Yalda Khoshaba member of the Popular Council, with the presence of Mr. Georgis Khoshaba and Peter Sliwa Jajo, member of the High Committee for the Christians Affaires in Dohuk; during the visit, the two sides discussed the issues that concern our people, and how to work hard and increase the efforts to serve the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian people in order to reach our legitimate goals.



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